Squirrel’s Nut Butter
The World's BEST Anti-Chafe Salve

What is Squirrel’s Nut Butter?
Let us tell you.

Our salve consists of just four all-natural ingredients: Coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and vitamin E oil.  How simple is that?

SNB is a multipurpose salve that effectively prevents chafing and blisters on feet, and heals and restores dry, irritated skin, including eczema.

Our salve is used by ultra runners, marathoners, mountain bikers, road cyclists, triathletes, hikers, backpackers, endurance horse riders, nurses, river runners, fire fighters, massage therapists, golfers, chronic eczema sufferers, mushroom hunters, motorcycle enthusiasts, unicyclists, bareback unicorn jockeys and just people who enjoy softer skin. No squirrels or animals are touched or tested in the manufacturing of our products.

What is the best container for different temperatures?

As an all-natural product, the consistency of our salve changes with the temperature.  The most versatile container for both extreme cold and moderate heat is the stick.  The SNB Double Wall Tub is designed to act as a little thermos to protect the salve from extreme heat. The tub blend becomes rather hard at temps below 65 degrees Fahrenheit but is the perfect container for HOT temperatures.  You can use the tub in temps up to 120 degrees F if you keep it out of direct sunlight.  If you are racing or training in cooler weather, we suggest using the SNB Sticks.   The SNB Sticks are the best application choice for temperatures below freezing up to around 95 degrees F.  However, if you have the tub in freezing weather, you can still use it. Simply twist off the top, squeeze the sides of the tub together, and pop the SNB puck in your hand. You can use the puck like a bar of soap where needed.

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Photo by SweetM Images

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Photo by SweetM Images

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