About Us

Stacy and Chris Thornley live in Flagstaff, Arizona with two awesome kids: Sariah and Landon. Chris owns a successful tree service, Agassiz Cutting, and Stacy is a Registered Nurse. In their spare time, the two listen to music as they work together in their kitchen to make Squirrel’s Nut Butter — an ALL NATURAL anti-chafe and restorative skin salve.

Stacy started exploring dry skin lotion/salve solutions for her daughter Sariah’s severe dry skin. For years she has used over the counter and prescription products to try and relieve the pain and itchiness but nothing worked. Eventually, Stacy decided to make a product herself. After months of trial and error, Stacy finally created the perfect salve that relieved Sariah of her dry skin symptoms. After seeing how much the salve helped Sariah, Stacy decided to share her new creation with friends and family.

One day Chris brought some of the salve to work and gave it to his employee, a tree climber who Chris has nicknamed “Squirrel”.  When Squirrel was given the salve, he decided to use it on his crotch for an anti-chafe salve while mountain biking. And that is how Squirrel’s Nut Butter (SNB) got it’s name.

Chris comes from a family of runners and has a long history of running ultra marathons. He ran  American River 50 Miler back in 1988 when he was still in high school!  Chris has finished Waldo 100k ten times and has six 100 mile finishes under his belt.  He and Stacy started giving SNB out as an anti-chafe salve for runners. With an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, they’ve decided to start a small business and share the SNB LOVE with everyone.